WAR CABINET WEEKLY RESUME (No. 189) of the NAVAL, MILITARY AND AIR SITUATION from 0700 April 8th, to 0700 April 15th,1943

Source : National Archives UK – WP (43) 157


Paris.—A final interpretation of photographs confirms the very heavy damage inflicted on the Renault Works by the U.S.A.A.F. attack on the 4th April. Almost every major building of the works has sustained damage, which amounts in many cases to the destruction of the greater part. In addition to the Renault and Salmson Works, the Farman Works lias suffered numerous points of damage, and a large unidentified works, situated near the’ Salmson Works and said to be engaged on aero-engine construction, has been extensively damaged. More than 40 distinct shops in the Renault Works have been damaged, and include—

Press shop—3.000 square yards severely damaged.

Assembly shops—9.800 square yards wrecked or seriously damaged.

Engine testing and finishing shop—3,300 square yards wrecked.

Component and tool shop—2.100 square yards collapsed and hole.

900 square yards, in middle of shop.

Radiator and axle shop—3,000 square yards wrecked.

P a t t e r n shop—2,500 square yards wrecked.

Foundry—9,000 square yards wrecked.

Sheet metal and radiator shop—22.000 square yards of roof destroyed.

Casting foundry—9.000 square yards wrecked.

Forges—7,000 square yards wrecked.

Engine shop—7.800 square yards wrecked or severely damaged.

Non-ferrous metal foundry—5.500 square yards wrecked.

Repair shops—6.000 square yards wrecked.

Aero-engine assembly shops—4.200 square yards wrecked.

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