WAR CABINET WEEKLY RESUME (No. 212) of the NAVAL, MILITARY AND AIR SITUATION from 0700 16th September, to 0700 23rd September, 1943

Source : National Archives UK – WP (43) 416

Paris.—An immediate interpretation of photographs taken on the 10th September shows considerable damage to targets in the P a r i s area resulting
from the U.S.A.A.F. attacks on the 15th September :—
1. Bois Colombes.
(a) Soc. Hispano-Suiza Aero-Engine Works.—Two main workshops in the north part of the works have been damaged, one of them severely. The heat-treatment shop, the machine shop and at least one other shop have all been affected.
(b) Cie (VApplications Mecaniques [CAM.) Bail-Bearing Works. Main workshop severely damaged.
(c) Soc. Berliet Repair Works and Store.—Main workshop severely damaged.
(d) Delage M/T Store.—Damaged in three places.

2. Point du Jour.
(a) S.A. des A vions Caudron-Renault.—With the exception of some buildings (probably offices) on the bank of the Seine, every building in the works has been damaged. Three of the largest have been partially destroyed (one of them having had five direct hits) and the long building running the whole length of the works on the east side has been severely damaged.
3. Billancourt.
(a) Renault Works.—These works have again been heavily damaged. The large sheet metal and radiator shop, on which repairs were practically complete, has been three-quarters destroyed. The radiator and axle shop, the gear shops and the core shop have all suffered, while several buildings on the He Sequin have been severely damaged.
4. Quai de Javel.
(a) S.A . Andre Citroen—Automobile Engine Construction and M. V. Assembly Plant.—Workshops in the south-west part have been damaged as has another in the centre of the works. Slight damage has been caused in the south-east part.
5. Issy-les-Moulineau-x.—Two hangars south-east of the power station have been damaged by direct hits.

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