WAR CABINET WEEKLY RESUME ( N o . 191) of the NAVAL, MILITARY AND AIR SITUATION from 0700 April 22nd, to 0700 April 29th, 1943

Source : National Archives UK – WP (43) 182


Billancourt.—The U.S.A.A.F. attack on the Renault Works achieved considerable success and it is at present estimated that three months will elapse before anything approaching normal production will be possible. The turning-shop received two direct hits. Two-thirds of the lathes were rendered unserviceable and the remainder need repair. The transmission belting was cut and the roofing collapsed. The shop for finished lorries received six direct hits, resulting in 25 per cent, of the lorries being rendered useless, 25 per cent, being damaged but repairable, the remainder being serviceable. The joinery shop was completely wrecked by four direct hits. The spare parts store and the workmen’s rest room a n d canteen were destroyed.

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