WAR CABINET WEEKLY RESUME (No. 188) of the NAVAL, MILITARY AND AIR SITUATION from 0700 April 1st, to 0700 April 8th,1943

Source : National Archives UK – WP (43) 146

Germany and Occupied Territory.

Day. .

  1. U.S. heavy’ bombers operated on two occasions. The first attack, made by 87 Fortresses (B. 17), was on the Renault Works at Billancourt, near Paris, where 222 tons of H.E. were dropped in good weather conditions. Bombing is reported to have been good and an interpretation of photographs taken on the following day is referred to in Appendix VI. Many enemy fighters were encountered and 47 of these were destroyed by the Fortresses (B. 17) and a further 19 were probably destroyed or damaged. Four Fortresses were lost. “In conjunction with this operation, 25 Liberators (B. 24) carried out two uneventful sweeps. The second attack was made by 83 Fortresses (B. 17) and Liberators (B. 24) on the Erla aircraft and aero-engine repair works at Antwerp. Weather was excellent and 245 tons of H.E. were dropped, but no results were observed from the bombing, which was described as ” fair.” (For results as assessed from photographs, see Appendix VI.) In combat, provisional claims are 11 fighters destroyed, six probably destroyed and four damaged, for the loss of four Fortresses (B. 17). (…)


Paris.—Photographs taken on the 5th which cover the whole of the Renault Works show that, as, a result of the US.A.A.F. daylight attack on the 4th, damage is widespread throughout the works. Several buildings of the Salmson Works have also been severely damaged.

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