WAR CABINET WEEKLY RESUME (No. 185) of the NAVAL, MILITARY AND AIR SITUATION from 0700 March 11th, to 0700 March 18th,1943

Source : National Archives UK – WP (43) 110

Le Mans.

Photographs taken on the 8th and 11th March show the following damage to the Arnage marshalling yard after the attack on the 4th, and to the Renault Works after the attack on the 9th March :—

(i) In the marshalling yard one of the steam and electric locomotive sheds has been severely damaged, and the other has a large hole in the centre of the roof. The wagon, paint and repair shops have sustained severe roof damage, and there are two direct hits on railway lines causing blast damage to trucks.

(ii) In the Renault Works a six-bay building.has extensive roof damage, with particularly severe damage to the east end caused by one or more direct hits. A,19-bay building has been severely damaged over an area of 2,360 square yards, and a 10-bay building has roof damage over six bays. Two more six-bay buildings have also sustained roof damage.


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